PhD Thesis Defense of Ayanleh MAHAMOUD AHMED

19 January 2021

Villeurbanne, France

PhD Thesis Defense of Ayanleh MAHAMOUD AHMED


Congratulations to Ayanleh Mahamoud Ahmed who has nicely defended his PhD Thesis entitled “Structural and functional responses of sediment microbial communities to contaminants in lake and rivers systems: Microcosm experiments“.

Thesis committee:

  • Benoît Ferrari, Ecotox Centre, Switzerland, President
  • Annette Bérard, INRAE UMR EMMAH, France, Reviewer
  • Sylvie Nazaret, CNRS, UMR LEM, France, Reviewer
  • Gilles Pinay, CNRS, UMR EVS, France, Examiner
  • Emilie Lyautey, USMB, UMR CARRTEL, France, Supervisor
  • Stéphane Pesce, INRAE, UR RiverLy, France, Supervisor



Modification date: 07 August 2023 | Publication date: 06 June 2023